The Guy Wore Sandals In The Rain. And I Also Judged Him.

I had a lunch time with a man I would exchanged a couple of e-mails and several a g-chat with.  We also Skyped-which i’m going to be creating an article on…we strongly recommend Skype or iChat with a date before you spend time doing your hair, especially if you’re juggling good deal’s of dates.  For reals.

Anyways, all was actually good on “No Catfish right here top”. I appeared to be myself, he looked like him, we chuckled and made the decision we could deal with an authentic day.

I found myself punctually, he had been later part of the (whyyyyyyyyy…stop being LATER you guys)…and he texted myself, “merely strolling up!”

It actually was flowing rain, did I discuss that? And freezing, no less than for Southern California expectations. And he was actually sporting flip flops. SANDALS. The.Horror.
I hate to appear awesome judgemental (too late!) but as internet based daters, actually that everything we do? JUDGE!  Judge the most important email, first telephone call, the fb judge, seeking what exactly is wrong…instead of what exactly is right? Or perhaps is that simply me…haha.

Today, I’m not going to overcome all over plant right here. I do believe some guy putting on flip-flops in the torrential rain is obnoxious. I would imagine equivalent about a girl…but in which We reside, flip flops and sandals never ever get store once and for all and I also understand i have been responsible for a grocery store run in flip flops during a storm.  A good many men Im keen on are surfers, or outdoorsy and sandals and denim jeans tend to be variety of their own consistent.  Carry out If only he’d the existence of head to hold actual shoes? Exactly why yes, yes i really do.  Did the guy require a pedicure?  Yes, yes he did-all that outdoorsy-ness i love much doesn’t keep the feet searching too sexy, seemingly.

But we digress.

We laughed a large number in which he is actually devastatingly good-looking.  He has impeccable dining table manners and asked the proper questions.  Things appeared to be going well because as we ate, the guy asked if I desired to visit another place to get some pumpkin cheesecake. We forgot about their footwear and stopped judging…and simply had an enjoyable experience.

If he could be someone I would like to carry on internet dating has yet are determined, however if things carry on well, perhaps I’ll simply have to get him a pair of Chuck Taylor’s for Christmas time and burn the flip flops. With love, without a doubt. And an alibi hook ups. ????